In this weekly column, we'll be selecting inexpensive, discarded titles from still playable consoles for your perusal. They may be games you've heard of and remember playing, or they may be games that have flown completely off of your radar. Just know that we love them and they're available on the cheap. That's a bonafide win/win situation.

If you have any favorite titles that you consider hidden gems, let us know in the comments below and we might feature your pick in the weekly column.

Super Monkey Ball 2 GameCube, Wii Original Release: November 21st, 2002

First up is a game from the GameCube era. If you've got a Wii or a GameCube, this one is entirely playable. Super Monkey Ball 2 is an exceptional platform, puzzle-solver with a massive stack of mini-games and multiplayer modes. The gameplay is addictive and infinitely rewarding.

Now why, you may be asking, are we featuring a game that's currently sporting entries on the Wii and just about every mobile platform possible? Because, quite frankly, those games are complete stinkers when compared to the mastery from the GameCube era. Super Monkey Ball 2 was the last great entry in the Monkey Ball series, and that's scary.

While you may have heard of Monkey Ball, you've probably based your assumptions on what the series looks like today. Don't. The games being released by Sega today are a far cry from what they once were. Super Monkey Ball 2 championed level creativity, shear challenge, fantastic controls and a massive penchant for re-playability. You'll want to invite some friends over and strap in for some ridiculous monkey rolling.

If you've never played Super Monkey Ball 2 and you're looking for an exceptional title to romp through on your Wii or old GameCube, now is your chance. As of writing this post, used copies of Super Monkey Ball 2 is selling for $3.99 on Amazon. You can't beat that.

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