Nintendo doesn’t typically outwardly list which of its studios is explicitly working on each specific game. So, with Hey! Pikmin, the upcoming 3DS spinoff, it’s actually news that we know which group of developers is behind it.

If you know your 3DS library, you know that there was a lot of mixed reception for Yoshi’s New Island. The game was largely met with a mix of dislike or disregard, and it sits at like a 64 on Metacritic because of that. Well, the studio that made Yoshi’s New Island is making Hey! Pikmin. That studio is Arzest, and the information comes from the Australian Ratings Board’s classification of the game.

Should we be bummed?

Honestly, I’ve been critical of Hey! Pikmin since its announcement. This doesn’t seem like a title that will translate well to the 2D perspective. I could be wrong. Seeing Arzest credited with development, however, doesn’t do much to inspire confidence for folks like me.

I love the main Pikmin line, so I’m bracing for this one to sting. Stay tuned for more.