If only being a Japanese high school student was half as fun as the Persona series makes it out to be. Between battling demonic hordes and crawling through haunted dungeons, when do these kids find the time to study for six hours a day at cram school? Don't they realize failing their college entrance tests will ultimately ostracize them from their judgmental society?

Must not matter to them too much as, apparently, they aren't quite ready to move on from that whole "saving the world" thing. The new Persona 4 Arena trailer unites the country bumpkin heroes of Persona 4 with their city dwelling counterparts from Persona 3. The tests didn't seem to work out so well because our Persona 3 heroes all grew up to be total badasses.

Fighting games often waste an absurd amount of resources on story, and Atlus' popular RPG series demands a ridiculous plot with even the most insignificant side project. The new story-heavy trailer might shed a few reasons as to why these friends have decided to brawl in the streets, but you'll need a bit of Japanese to understand the traditional fighting game contrivances. Basically, it's because they are using a Persona magic tournament to investigate the disappearance of a friend.

Most of the trailer introduces the characters, or reintroduces veterans, and shows off only a little bit of gameplay.

Persona 4 Arena is being developed by BlazBlue and Guilty Gear developers Arc System Works, and it will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on August 7th.