Get your raincoats on and your barf buckets ready – Hardcore is going to be a hell of a ride.

The ultra-violent NSFW trailer, seen below, gives us a taste of what we can expect from the movie, which debuted this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film pulled in its first round of funding via Indiegogo last year and managed to meet its goals, resulting in a finished product.

Video game movies are a weird beast. Usually they end up terrible (Super Mario Bros., Bloodrayne), and sometimes kind of okay (Silent Hill, Resident Evil). The video game movies that are the most successful seem to pull from some of the ideas of video games. Edge of Tomorrow was about a guy dying, over and over, getting slightly better and making it through a bloody battle against aliens, before finally running out of lives and having to use all the skills he'd mastered to save the human race. It wasn't explicitly a video game movie, but it was the best example of how one could work. Hardcore does the same thing. It's not from a game, but the first person view and violent action is undoubtedly influenced by FPS games.

There's no word on how wide a release this movie will get – it's likely going to be pretty small though, considering the violence and, of course, the novel technique behind it. With so many stories of people getting sick from the simple shaky-cam style used in so many modern films, this is likely to push a few people out of theaters feeling nauseated, but with the release of so many VR headsets so close, Hardcore could find an audience among PC gamers and VR enthusiasts.