All seven of the backgrounds, which ship on board the OnePlus 5, “focus on individual shapes, blending into their surrounding, barren environment,” says Olsson.

“I thought I would experiment with macro photography this time, together with my dad, who was currently visiting me in India. We got a bunch of plastic containers, which we started pouring acrylic, ink, and mediums into.

We captured a bunch of photos of the fluid mix, while it was changing pattern quickly. Many of the photos could be used in various ways, like being wrapped onto 3D surfaces, or mixed to look like hot lava and cold winds.

However, most of these photos weren’t used. Instead, I created a more refined and subtle style that was developed to fit the style OnePlus was looking for with this phone.”

You can download the wallpapers in 2K or 4K resolution

Seeing as the OnePlus 5 only sports a Full HD display, the images Olsson sent to OnePlus were downscaled to 1080p, but you can grab them in a 2K or 4K resolution from his website.