The PlayStation 4's 2.00 Update goes live today, and Sony has posted a video to detail what you can look forward to.

The video skips over SharePlay, which it covered in a different video, and instead goes in-depth into some of the other features. The biggest of these is probably the USB Music Player. With this player, you'll be able to, as it describes, plug in a USB drive full of music and, better yet, play it during games. You can live out your dream of playing Knack while listening to The Knack. Maybe that's just me.

Custom themes are coming as well, both in the form of different background colors and new images you can download. Sony says that they "want to kick-start [the] dynamic theme options" by giving away a theme for… Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

On the operating system side, the system is getting new voice commands which can be delivered via the camera or any headset that works with the PlayStation 4. Party and chat screens have been redesigned, along with the content area and library screens. You can now also pause downloads.

Social options are getting a boost as well. You'll now be able to share videos directly to YouTube instead of just Facebook. Twitch broadcasting has more options as well, finally adding support for archived broadcasts from broadcasters you follow.

With the holiday season around the corner, Sony is looking to get as many new features in place as it can – just like Microsoft with the Xbox One – making this one of the biggest updates yet.