The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is days away. CD Projekt Red showed us footage of the final game running on PlayStation 4 last week, and they've returned with final Xbox One footage.

While the PlayStation 4 version of the game has always been set to run at 1080p, 30 frames per second, the Xbox One's stats were in limbo for a bit longer before we heard the number 900 with regard to the game's final resolution.

The game has gotten a little boost in the form of dynamic scaling.

"The video you're now watching is grabbed directly from an Xbox One console. We've been working to give gamers an even better experience on Xbox One and, on day one, we'll bring you dynamic scaling from 900p to 1080p. We're not much more than a week before launch, but we're still fighting for every line of code — we want gamers to get the best possible experience we can."

What that means is that, when the on-screen action allows it, the game will run at 1080p, and drop down to 900p (upscaled to 1080). The video above is still a YouTube video, so that sort of thing won't be visibly detectable there, but for those whose fun is impacted by the number of visible pixels on screen, there'll be a few more to look forward to.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 19.

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