That close up shot of the HTC M8 Prime was cool. But this gif of the unannounced device is even cooler. Nothing is left to the imagination (in terms of design) with such a huge leak—we get another glimpse at the device’s Lumia-like protruding camera, along with some other tweaks compared to the current M8 model. It appears as though this super phone handset is imminent after all.

From what we gather, HTC is tweaking the design slightly to make for a more premium handset; the sleep/wake button, for example, it now on the side of the device, just under the volume rocker, making it easier for users to press one-handed. The rear plate, meanwhile, is supposedly some mix of aluminum and liquid silicone, which will supposedly be waterproof, similar to Samsung and Sony devices.

The sides look a bit flatter, too, while the back doesn’t look quite as rounded as the current M8. On the device’s left side (opposite the sleep/wake and volume rocker), it appears as though the Prime model has two trays, possibly for two SIMs or maybe one for a SIM card and one for microSD expansion. However, it’s difficult to tell, and that’s just speculation on our part. Finally, it looks as though the front-facing speakers have been tweaked slightly, which may be to account for the device’s waterproof design.

Still very little information about the HTC M8 Prime is known, but the leaks are starting to flow. According to previous reports, the M8 Prime could sport a Snapdragon 805 processor, 5.5-inch 2K display and 3GB of RAM. The existing M8 is great, and one of the best Android devices out there. But now that this is being thrown on us? We definitely want it. Hopefully we’ll soon learn more about why the camera looks the way it does.