Many moons ago, there was a lot of speculation that claimed Apple was planning to introduce Facebook integration to its iOS operating system. That soon died down, however, when the Cupertino company chose to side with Twitter instead. For Facebook addicts wondering what could have been, these screenshots sent into MacRumors give you an idea of what Facebook integration might look like.

Facebook integration in iOS

To anyone who's been using Apple's recent iOS 5 beta softwares, which already feature Twitter integration, these screenshots will look very familiar. Like the Twitter integration, there is an option to sign into Facebook within the Settings app, and you can update your contacts to sync usernames and photos. The second shot shows the ability to upload an image from your camera roll, with the option to add your location and tag friends.

The screenshots also look very genuine, so how can we be sure that they're not? Well, if you look closely, there are a number of things that show these images are just mockups. Firstly, the word "addresses" is spelled wrong at the bottom of the first shot. There is also an option to add an additional account, and while this is a real option for Twitter integration, it is against Facebook's terms for you to have more than one account. The option to add a second account for Facebook, then, would be unnecessary.

Although we're dismissing these screenshots as fakes, however, we won't rule out the possibility of future Facebook integration for iOS. Why? Because Apple has already introduced the framework to have Twitter integration in iOS, so adding Facebook alongside it as a system-level feature shouldn't be too difficult. Facebook also has 800 million active users, making it the world's largest social network, and the majority of iPhone users would welcome these features.

Apple was reportedly working with Facebook for its Ping social service, but the two companies split just before the service launched because it was believed Apple would not agree with Facebook's "onerous terms." Since then, however, Google has launched another social network of its own, Google+, and Facebook may be a little more lenient as it strives to maintain is popularity.

Would you like to see Facebook integration in iOS?

[via MacRumors]