Yesterday, GameStop leaked Capcom's upcoming news announcement a bit early as they put up Resident Evil 6 posters in some retail locations. We updated our coverage of the rumor once Capcom made it official; it was then that we linked out to the reveal trailer.

We figured that we ought to give the trailer its own space for chatter this morning. So, here it is.

I was never tempted to get into Resident Evil 5. I adored Resident Evil 4, but the fifth main entry looked too much like an action game to fill the franchise gap. I've heard great things from friends and fans, but I found myself avoiding the title due to the seeming disparity between and its previous, in my opinion, better.

Resident Evil 6, however, looks like it may be too wild of a ride to miss. Based on the lengthy trailer above that blends both cinematics and gameplay, fans will see several of their favorite characters, wildly diverse environments and moments that alter the style of play consistently.

I mean, really, cover mechanics in a Resident Evil game? It seems weird to talk about it, but seeing it in motion in the trailer above is certainly exciting.

As the video denotes, Resident Evil 6 is currently set to release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20th, 2012. Capcom sent out a press release yesterday which indicated that a PC version will follow the console game.