Little information has been revealed about Sony’s upcoming standalone Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. That was until the first poster for the movie was released on Wednesday via Twitter and it was revealed the first trailer is dropping on Thursday, giving us our first look at the movie.

Let’s start with the poster. If you’ve seen Venom before, the poster won’t be earth-shattering. It’s just a minimalist black poster with Venom’s signature wiry eyes and the movie’s title front and center. Tom Hardy’s name sits atop the title, and at the bottom is the release month, which is October. Not much more than that, but what it does a great job of is setting up the release of the trailer.

The caption on the tweet reads, “Tomorrow,” and our curiosity is instantly piqued. This will provide our first glimpse of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and of him in the signature symbiotic Venom costume. Hopefully this is the first step in erasing Topher Grace’s interpretation in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 from our memory, which is the only other movie Venom has been featured in.

Once the trailer drops tomorrow, we’ll bring you complete coverage.