Last year it was revealed Google was working on a new operating system called Fuchsia built using Google’s own Magenta kernel. It seems in the subsequent time Google has built a complete UI to go along with the OS that’s quite useful.

Kyle Bradshaw from Hotfixit was the first to discover the user interface for Fuchsia called Armadillo. Bradshaw actually built Armadillo, “the demo app that demonstrates what Fuchsia might look like.” In his post, he goes through the process of building Armadillo that shows off the UI and how it works as an operating system. You can install Fuchsia on an Android device today and see how it works with limited functionality, which is what Bradshaw did in his video.

The new operating system utilizes the familiar card system Google is known for with products like Google Now. These cards will be the way apps are managed. You can run the cards in split-screen mode or drag them around the screen in which ever order suits you. This was shown off by Ars Technica in a more in-depth look at Armadillo.

The Armadillo UI looks very refined and fresh. Definitely something different from Android, but it still has familiar Android-like characteristics including the keyboard and home button. It looks like it’ll be for mobile and tablets judging from the size of the pictures.

Who knows what Google will do with Fuchsia?

Google has developed Fuchsia openly, but it hasn’t been that clear about its motives for the new operating system. Speculation is that it might replace Android, but we still don’t have a final answer. You can see Fuchsia in action in down below.