Henrik Fisker has been trying for a while to get into the high-end electric vehicle market, but failed with the first attempts. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and Fisker did just that. His latest attempt has yielded the EMotion electric sports car that looks spectacular.

Fisker Inc’s EMotion is a classy understated EV supercar similar to what you’d see in a Aston Martin. Right now we only get to see three images of the car, but its does the car no justice. It looks like a car James Bond would drive. Boasting a carbon fiber and aluminum build, it truly stands out.

Its front end has a unique lighting system with separated sections. The lights aren’t turned on in the images, so we can’t see exactly what will be where (LED headlights, daylight runnings lights, directional turn signals). Fisker’s overall design of the car has strong curves and a flashy yet reserved spoiler. The Emotion’s large carbon fiber and aluminum wheels (possibly 20-inches) give it a sweet accent and decrease mass and improve range. The charing port is located near the front of the car on the right side.

The fancy carbon fiber and aluminum frame isn’t just a marketing phrase; it sports a patented “front crash structure” meant to deliver the highest level of safety. It also has a patented fast charge method that will charge 100 miles in nine minutes.

As for range and power prowess, its “ultra large” battery pack will provide 400+ miles of range and a top speed of 161 miles per hour.

Finsker has stated the car won’t be ready until 2019, but pre-orders will begin June 30. The EMotion will start off at $129,000—about what we were expecting from Henry Fisker’s “north of $100K” comment earlier during the development process.

Check out the images above to get a better look at Fisker Inc’s EMotion car.