Last November, Tesla announced the second generation of its Roadster. The new super EV looks gorgeous and has the driving capabilities to match. But as things usually go with Tesla, our first glimpse of the impressive feat was thought to be in the long and distant future, until one unexpected person happened to capture video of the new Roadster blazing down a test track.

Twitter user Shehryar Khan happened to be be walking through a test track in Fremont, California when a sleek red sports coupe pulled up; it was the new Roadster. Pulling up, the Roadster’s brakes give off an audible screeching you don’t exactly associate with luxury cars, but this is a pre-production model after all.

Once in place, the driver floors it and the Roadster takes off down the track in a hurry.

We have no idea what speed the Roadster reached, but it looks really fast and peppy. Did it meet the 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds or 100 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds Tesla has been advertising? That we don’t know.

Just from looks alone, the Roadster used in the test track looks fantastic. It has the aggressive design Tesla showed off during its November event. By the time the car hits the streets, it will likely undergo some changes, like the addition of side mirrors and other tweaks necessary to be street legal.

The Roadster 2 will come with a beefy 200kWh battery, 620 mile range and all-wheel drive that will be responsible for chewing up the road. Tesla has made it explicitly clear that it’s not expected to be available until 2020, but as you can see in the new footage, it’s more reality than dream.