Samsung and Huawei have been getting a lot of attention for their folding phones, but they'll soon be joined by another competitor in this space. Thanks to press renders that were uploaded to Chinese social network Weibo, we have our best glimpse yet at the upcoming Motorola RAZR V4.

The renders showcase both the phone and its accompanying retail packaging, and we're happy to say that the design of it lines up with a patent for the RAZR that surfaced in January. Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Mate X which fold horizontally to be a phone and tablet in one device, the RAZR opens up to be a regularly-sized phone and then closes to encompass a more portable form factor.

With that said, there is one uncertainty with the front of the device. Those patents we saw early in the year showed a small display on the front cover of the RAZR when it's closed, but the small glimpse we have of it in these renders don't show a screen at all.

As for the RAZR's packaging, it looks like it'll be offered in a really sleek triangular prism box with quite a few accessories — including charging cables, an AC adapter, and even a wireless charging stand.

It's still unclear when in 2019 Motorola will launch this phone, but when it does come out, we're anticipating it to cost around $1,500.

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