Apple is expected to announce a refreshed iPad Pro this fall, and the biggest change is expected to be a new display with much slimmer bezels. This will reportedly do away with the home button and make room for iPhone X-like gesture controls. We now have a better idea of how this is going to be implemented due to a new asset being discovered in the most recent beta update for iOS 12.

First reported by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, a new asset used as a mask to create rounded corners in the iOS 12 interface shows off what the display and the gesture bar at the bottom will look like on the iPad Pro. The asset in question goes under the name J3xx and has been found in other parts of the iOS 12 code pertaining to the new iPad Pros.

To activate the asset Rambo used an iOS 12 simulator to demo how an iPad will be able to handle rounded corners and it looks just like an iPhone X does. The screen image he used was of him trying out Split View on an iPad.

The design change isn’t revolutionary, but it will look much better once it is implemented on the bigger displays the iPad Pros are expected to have.

Also making an appearance on the new iPad Pros will be Face ID, meaning the death of the Touch ID home button. Since the bezels won’t be too small, Apple will not include a notch like on the iPhone X.

It’s unclear when exactly Apple will announce the new iPad Pros, though it will either be during the September event in which it will unveiled the new iPhones or at a later event focused on other products making their debut in the fall.