Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Gold-1

Earlier this week, AppleInsider revealed an increase in visits to its website from devices apparently running iOS 9. Now, a second report from mobile marketing firm Fiksu (via TechCrunch) seems to confirm that internal testing for Apple’s next mobile operating system is already underway.

The new study reveals roughly 145 unique devices running iOS 9 were tracked by Fiksu’s ad platform. From that pool, 63 percent of the devices were either an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, followed by 12 percent for the iPad Air 2, 12 percent for the iPhone 5s, and 13 percent for “everything else.” Fiksu also notes that 92 percent of that traffic comes from the U.S., while a handful of devices were also located in China, the Czech Republic and a few other countries.

We’re still not sure what to expect from iOS 9, though recent rumors suggest Apple may finally add public transportation directions to its Maps app along with indoor mapping. It’s also possible Apple could use the opportunity to open up the NFC chip in recent devices to third-party developers. That makes sense since the company did the same thing with Touch ID for iOS 8.

Either way, we’re not expecting Apple to make any official announcements until WWDC in June. That’s when the company typically reveals the software it’s been working on all year, though it’s certainly possible more information could leak out between now then.