Only you can decide whether that $149.99 pricetag is too much for you or not, but Microsoft is making a pretty good case for their ultra-expensive premium gamepad.

Xbox Senior Marketing Manager Navin Kumar takes us through how the controller’s software works and what all we’ll be able to customize. Triggers can be given dead zones or set to a hair trigger, thumbstick sensitivities can be adjusted, and buttons can, of course, be remapped. You can even have multiple buttons perform the same function. Every button is the X button? You’ll be able to feel something in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare no matter what button you press. Thumbsticks can be swapped, and even the Xbox button’s brightness can be turned way down.

You can save as many as 250 different profiles in the software, and any two of those profiles can be on the controller at once, swapping between the two of them with a switch on the controller.

The amount of customization is incredible, but it also looks like it could be quite useful for anyone who spends a lot of time with one game in particular.

The app will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10, so whether you’re buying this for console or PC gaming, there should be plenty of options when it comes out later this month.

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