Want to learn Morse code? Google has a new game that can teach you how to communicate in the non-verbal method—and you can learn in less than an hour. The game's arrival is part of an update to Gboard that makes Morse code accessible to a wider array of users on iOS and Android.

Google said it partnered with developer Tania Finlayson, who the search giant featured at IO in May, to develop Gboard's new Morse code feature.

"Working closely with the team, I helped design the keyboard layout, added Morse sequences to the auto-suggestion strip above the keyboard, and developed settings that allow people to customize the keyboard to their unique needs," Finlayson said.

Instead of the QWERTY keyboard smartphone users are used to, the Morse code keyboard on Gboard features dots and dashes. Android users can also hook up external switches to their device.

To set up the Morse keyboard, tap System and then Languages & Input. Tap Virtual keyboard and then Gboard. Once you find the English option, swipe left until you see Morse code. To use the feature, press the globe icon.

You can use Morse code for Gboard on iOS and Android. And you can learn the method of communication by visiting Google's new experimental website.