Remember those rumors of a black and white version of Logan that have been swirling around since its release back in March? They were completely true. The aptly titled Logan Noir will be in theaters for a one-night special event on May 16.

Alamo Drafthouse Theaters and 20th Century Fox are teaming for the special presentation of Logan Noir. Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country will screen the monochromatic version of the film, which happens to be Hugh Jackman’s final turn as the beloved superhero. Following the screening, an exclusive Q&A with director James Mangold will take place that will be live streamed across all Alamo Drafthouse theaters showing the movie. The audience can participate in the Q&A by submitting questions via Twitter.

To go along with the occasion, movie goers are being asked to take black and white clothing to commemorate Wolverine’s last rodeo.

Director James Mangold has been highly open about his excitement to watch a black and white version of Logan hit the big screen.

“During production of Logan I took many black and white photographs and noticed how striking and dramatic our gritty settings and characters appeared in monochrome,” stated Mangold in an interview with MovieWeb. “The western and noir vibes of the film seemed to shine in the format and there was not a trace of modern comic hero movie sheen. Then, while editing, Fox and I started posting some of the black and white stills online and fans also began to respond enthusiastically, many hoping that they would get a chance to see the finished film in carefully timed, high contrast black and white. Well. Sometimes hope becomes reality.”

From that little snippet we can get a hint of where the title for Logan Noir was derived from.

The Logan Blu-ray arriving May 23 will include the black and white version, too

Fox also announced that Logan will be available on digital HD May 16 and Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and DVD May 23. The set will include almost 90 minutes of original content, deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes documentary. It will also come with a copy of Logan Noir.