It’s been more than a month since the OnePlus One was unveiled and there’s still no easy way to get your hands on the new smartphone. Navigating the company’s invitation system seems all but impossible, and there’s still no word on when the device could see a wide release. Now there’s a way to order the OnePlus One today from third-party retailer Oppomart, though the new offer also comes with a catch.

Oppomart, which isn’t actually affiliated with Chinese phone-maker Oppo or spin-off company OnePlus, is offering the flagship One with 16GB of storage for $389 (almost $100 more than the official price). The device will also ship running Oppo’s Color OS instead of CyanogenMod, though the retailer says you’ll be able to upgrade your software on the OnePlus website within a few days. Otherwise you’re getting the same design and specs, including a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 processor, a 13-megapixel Sony camera and a 3100mAh battery.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on the OnePlus One, and can’t pin down an invitation, this is your best bet for grabbing the device. If you can stand to wait a little bit longer, though, we recommend holding off. OnePlus is selling the new smartphone for just $299 and we’re still expecting a wide release sometime this summer.