This past week a pretty healthy mix of Marvel and DC, and then Lucasfilm unleashed new footage from The Force Awakens and completely stole the show. It’s incredible how just a few seconds can elicit such a strong emotional response.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are upset that new footage keeps getting released, but with just a few months until Episode VII hits theaters, the hype train is about to kick into overdrive. You’re either along for the ride or trying to figure out how to completely shut off the Internet. I’m surprised nobody has lined up to see the movie yet.

That being said, we’re supposed to get a new trailer for The Force Awakens as early as next week (Sept. 4 is “Force Friday”), and my guess is that Instagram video was just a small part of it. We still haven’t seen a few of the movie’s big characters, including Supreme Leader Snoke, or even Luke Skywalker, who is supposedly in hiding.

We’ll get to all that stuff this coming week (hopefully). Until then, here are all the stories you might have missed.

How they created BB-8

The official site of Star Wars posted a lengthy behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of BB-8, a new droid that has already won the hearts of longtime fans. The site explains how many models were built, and what it took to actually make a working version for the Star Wars Celebration, which took place in Anaheim earlier this year. [StarWars]

Close-up BB-8 photo

On that note, Empire’s big behind-the-scenes spread revealed a few new photos from The Force Awakens set, including a close-up of BB-8; he’s even cuter up close. He has that familiar rounded R2D2 head, but his spherical body is obviously what sets him apart. We’re very excited to see how BB-8 fits into the overall story, and how Rey comes into possession of the little droid.

Peter Cushing in Rogue One

Here’s one of the stranger rumors we’ve heard in recent memory. The Daily Mail reports Peter Cushing, who played Grand Moff Tarkin in the original trilogy, will appear in Rogue One. The only problem is Cushing passed away in 1994, which means filmmakers will have to rely solely on CGI to recreate the character. This wouldn’t be unprecedented, as Paul Walker’s likeness was recreated in the most recent Fast & Furious movie, but this would take it to another level. [DailyMail]

Marisa Tomei in Civil War

We’ve heard this rumor before, but it has been confirmed that Marisa Tomei is indeed Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. But we’ll actually see her in Civil War first, as she apparently shot her scenes in secret not that long ago. Production for Civil War has wrapped up, hopefully meaning we’ll see a trailer fairly soon. Just don’t expect to see Spider-Man in it. [HeroicHollywood]

New Blade movie

With the amount of comic movies currently in production or scheduled to come out, I wouldn’t say many people are begging for a new Blade movie. That said, I don’t think anyone would necessarily be opposed to seeing another one come out. This new one will allegedly focus on Blade and his daughter. Hmph. [BleedingCool]

Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed outfit

The first image of Michael Fassbender from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie has been released. His character is known as Callum Lynch, who is completely new to the Assassin’s Creed universe. According to Yahoo, Lynch discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassin’s society after unlocking genetic memories. [Yahoo]

Ridley Scott confirms Prometheus 2 is coming

Once The Martian is released later this year, director Ridley Scott is going to get right to work on Prometheus 2. The first film ended pretty definitively, though there was always that open question of where the Engineer came from. Eh, I guess if you want to come face to face with your creator. Frankly, I’d rather see Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel take priority, but it sounds like it’ll be Prometheus 2 first. [ScreenCrush]

Galaxy Quest TV show

One of the weirder rumors that won’t die. If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a beloved film because it was quirky without feeling pedantic. It’s highly unlikely the original crew would take part, but as long as it keeps that lighthearted tone, a TV show based on the movie might actually be fun to watch. [EW]

The Walking Dead stand-alone special

As if Fear the Walking Dead wasn’t enough, AMC is planning a one-off stand-alone special. However, the stand-alone will be different in that it will take place on a plane. I hope you’re not afraid of flying. Or zombies. Or claustrophobic. That’s the kind of horror trifecta that would make for some captivating television. The new half-hour special is supposed to see what it would be like if a zombie were on a plane. One of the character who survives is supposed to appear in the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. [EW]