Apple Music is almost definitely set to debut later on Monday at WWDC 2015, but a new report reveals a few fresh details just ahead of the announcement. The Associated Press explains how Apple plans to sign up 100 million subscribers with a combination of new software and exclusive content.

Apple’s main goal with the new service is apparently to nudge iTunes and iPhone fans toward streaming instead of MP3s. Moving forward, when you go to buy new digital music you’ll see the option to pay for a subscription instead. iTunes Radio will also get a refresh, along with DJ sessions from some of the world’s most popular artists.

Apple Music is set to cost $10 per month, despite earlier reports that Apple was pushing for a lower price. The company plans to offer a three-month free trial though, which should help convince more people to at least try it out.

Whether Apple can actually hit 100 million paying customers remains to be seen. That’s a pretty crazy goal, considering that the entire paid streaming music market right now is just 41 million people. The company also plans to migrate over any remaining Beats Music users, though the service only boasted a little over 300,000 subscribers as of December 2015.

That’s not much of a head start, though it should at least give Apple the foundation it needs to build something great.