Well, here’s another look at what will probably be the iPhone 6 (the 4.7-inch model). Disregard the odd backdrop/stand combo, the picture gives us a look at exactly what we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks: larger screen, all-aluminum body that comes right up to the screen, and sleep/wake button on the phone’s right side. At this point it looks exactly as we expect it to look, though that gold ring around the home button is a nice touch. I’m sure consumers wouldn’t mind one bit if Apple decided to add a little extra flair when the iPhone 6 launches.

We’ve seen numerous dummy units appear online already, pretty much eliminating any mystery leading up to Apple’s expected announcement this fall. Having seen so many leaks already, the only downside is that we still have at minimum four months until we see an official unveiling. In the meantime, Apple is holding its first event of the year in early June, where the company is expected to detail what’s next for iOS and OS X. I’m sure by then we’ll have seen many more leaked dummy units appear.

This particular picture comes from Sonny Dickson, who was a prolific leaker of Apple parts late last year. Seeing as so many dummy units have shown up lately, we’re inclined to believe this is yet another leak in what will likely be many more over the next few months. We’ve included photos of a few others so you can compare.