Bandai Namco is still working on the arcade fighter that is Pokkén Tournament. This game blends the fighting we know from Tekken with the monsters from the much loved Pokémon franchise.

Today, we have nine in-game screenshots as well as five character stills from the confirmed roster. You’ll find the screenshots above and the character stills below.

Pokkén Tournament has, so far, only been officially confirmed for release in Japanese arcades. Bandai Namco has, however, had news of their game reach international audiences.

Given that arcades aren’t as popular around the world as they are in Japan, and the fact that Pokkén Tournament was actually revealed during a Nintendo Direct presentation, has most fans assuming that this fighting game will eventually make the leap onto the Wii U.

For now, Pokkén Tournament will only launch in Japanese arcades. Once Bandai Namco feels it has a solid, world class fighter, it’ll launch it elsewhere and, likely, on another platform.

We’ll have more on this mash-up brawler as it comes.