Nintendo UK has gone and posted a 30 minute section of their livestream from Hype Japan 2015. The game that made the stream? The upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, an upcoming spin-off in the Animal Crossing franchise.

The audio in the stream is a bit delayed, which is rather annoying, but the gameplay itself is solid.

The whole game basically tasks players with designing homes for villagers in the Animal Crossing universe. The villagers are your clients, they come with their own dream homes and it’s your job to meet their needs by designing their locales.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is also the first game that will make use of the new amiibo Card system, as seen in the gallery above. These will unlock new in-game items while adding a cheaper and more expansive pile of collectibles to the ever-growing amiibo fanbase. Who knows if those’ll take off like the figurines have, though.

This spin-off is set to launch this fall. We’ll have more on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as we have it.

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