Nokia on Thursday announced a major update to its HERE Maps application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphone, and the update is available now.

"As always, there are literally millions of specific changes and improvements across the globe, in every corner of every country, which are too numerous and too specific to list separately," HERE Maps' Ian Delaney said in a blog post announcing the update.

One of the new features includes updated imagery of public transit lines around the globe, particularly in the Americas, New Zealand, Europe and Australia, where users will see more accurate subway, tram and train lines depicted on maps. Additionally, Nokia said it added much more detailed maps of Africa that will enable more accurate navigation. Enterprise users who manage fleets of vehicles will also appreciate the new truck attributes that Nokia has added to roads. It means drivers will now be able to identify which roads have weight restrictions, height restrictions and more, so that they can avoid certain routes.

Those are just a few of the millions of changes Nokia has made. Nokia HERE Maps is a really solid alternative to Google Maps, and its offline feature is particularly good. It's no wonder there are numerous companies bidding billions of dollars for the firm.