Are you ready for more emoji, because that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The Unicode Consortium today announced 157 new emoji as part of Unicode 11 that can now be incorporated into respective software from Apple, Google and other companies.

Some of the new emoji includes a number of different faces, such as partying, woozy, pleading, hot and cold. The people emoji also saw the addition of red head, white head and bald face, along with new superhero and villain ones.

Some of the other new emojis arriving include a teddy bear, tool box, magnet, leg, foot, tooth, raccoon, swan, cupcake and skateboard.

The Unicode Consortium usually approves a number of new emoji in the early part of the year. Last year, it passed 57 new emojis in June for Unicode 10, and Apple and Google incorporated them in later updates of their software. The new emoji should be included in updates to iOS 12 and Android P, respectively.