I consistently find myself back at Did You Know Gaming. They manage to assemble, time after time, some of the best lists of weird bits of information you can find in gaming.

This week, they've chosen to tackle the PlayStation 2 – the best-selling and most internationally popular game console of all time.

The strangest fact, perhaps, is that the design of the PlayStation 2 is based off an Atari PC called the Falcon 030 Microbox. The resemblance is more than passing. If you swapped the floppy disk drive out for a CD tray, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference without taking a closer look.

As much as Microsoft revolutionized broadband console gaming with Xbox Live on the original Xbox (Xbox 1, if you will), Sony was already looking ahead to broadband Internet with the system., it just didn't put the money into making their plans happen. The company had a streaming music service in Brazil and had planned firmware updates as well. The system also supported Linux and 1080i video as well, the latter of which was only supported by a few games.

I'm currently re-watching the cult classic TV show, Twin Peaks, so I was especially pleased to find out that the system's bizarre launch campaign was directed by none other than David Lynch, director of not only the previously mentioned TV show but some of the weirdest movies around, like Eraserhead. Sony and Sega both had some pretty bold advertising strategies over the years with campaigns like URNOT(red)E, It's Thinking, and other conceptual ads that sold the idea more than the actual product, so this isn't surprising.

For these and other facts, check out the video above.

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