With more than four million pre-orders already in the bag, iPhone launch day is shaping up to be quite the occasion. So, in an effort to ensure things go as smooth as possible, Apple has drawn up a game plan to prepare; I’m talking multiple documents worth of information Apple employees need to know ahead of the Friday launch. It’s going to be a doozy.

9to5Mac acquired the pertinent information, which covers things like line management and the “customer journey,” which essentially describes the different type of customers Apple expects. If you plan on waiting in line, this behind-the-scenes information might be good to know so you’re fully prepared.

For example, Apple stores are being instructed to hold back about 4-percent of overall inventory to account for DOA units. Meanwhile, units will also be set aside for customers who managed to pre-order the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus for Personal Pickup (PPU). The lines will actually be split at approximately 5 a.m.: one for walk-in customers, and another for PPU customers.

Once the lines are split, Apple will begin handing out Reservation Pass placeholders, which is a new digital queue system that, of course, integrates with Passbook. Customers who don’t have access to a phone will get a physical card, which includes the model, color and carrier iPhone you plan on picking up. Apple will apparently provide refreshments along the way.

The documents further describe what the scene will be like once the store actually opens, and how employees are expected to set the mood by acting excited. Once Apple stores open, customers will be ushered in and then paired with a specialist who will then walk buyers through the whole purchasing process.

By all accounts, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units will be scarce when they official launch on Friday, so chances are you’ll have to wait in line pretty early that morning or even the night before.