Hellraid is the upcoming first-person slasher from Techland. You know Techland from a game with similar mechanics built around a different theme, Dead Island.

Take the first-person melee stuff from that game and put it in a fantastical crawl against spawn from Hell. That's Hellraid.

Today, Techland shares a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming title. It's quick, clipping in at around 40 seconds in length. It's also quite furious.

This game is cooperative in nature, but it also boasts a single player campaign complete with its own plot. Aside from that, the email that brought us this trailer also indicates that the game will even feature a competitive cooperative mode where four players will beat back demons as they try to out earn points and kills.

Hellraid is set to release sometime this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Are you interested?