I’m just too old to be the ‘new kid on the block’ but here I am, the newest addition to the TechnoBuffalo writing team. And you’re probably wondering why my avatar is an Olde English Bulldog rather than a photo of me. Whilst I have an excellent face for radio, this is not the primary reason. It’s simply that the dignified and beautiful image of Dolly is much more deserving of publication than mine.

1My first real brush with life-changing technology came with the introduction of the BBC Micro computer in the early 1980’s (yes, I am THAT old). It was way ahead of the game at the time but then was simply blown away by the appearance of the ZX Spectrum shortly after. Lots of programming, building, testing and tweaking followed – the technology bug had well and truly bitten me in the rear.

When I lived in the UK I worked as an engineer for a major technology service provider and also satisfied my creative flare by designing websites. Writing has always been a passion and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts and discoveries with TechnoBuffalo readers. If you’ve discovered a new gadget or gizmo and you’d like to help me quench my insatiable thirst for new tech, please feel free to share. I look forward to lots of interaction, my Twitter ID is @GizFreak.