Apple was once notorious for interrupting major industry events with its own news. It happened during the annual Consumer Electronics Show one year, I remember. Last year the company announced its new iPad event during Mobile World Congress, effectively taking all attention away from the show and putting all speculation on the Cupertino company's new efforts. But the company is dead silent right now.

The BlackBerry 10 event went off without a hitch. Apple might not need to worry about BlackBerry, though, so we're not surprised that it was quiet during that event. Then HTC's One event went uninterrupted. Again, maybe Apple doesn't really need to worry about HTC just yet. Surely we thought we'd hear something during Mobile World Congress again this year, but all was quiet on that front. But Samsung… surely Apple needed to interrupt its largest competitor on the global market, right?

I guess not.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 4 last night without nary a whisper from Apple. The company didn't tease any announcements through placed stories in major publications, and it didn't send out any invites. This isn't the same Apple I'm used to following.

I've already suggested that perhaps all of the quiet is simply the calm before a tech industry changing storm, and I hope that's still the case. When Apple talks people listen, but it's hard to listen when nobody is talking.