Heat Signature is the second game from Tom Francis. Francis developed one of my favorite little PC titles from the last few years, Gunpoint.

This new game tasks players with flying spaceships, getting missions, infiltrating enemy ships and using stealth to fight enemies and complete objectives.

Francis is known for producing videos of his games with him playing them. They’re almost always works in progress, and he’s never afraid to admit that things aren’t working as they should. Here, we see him laughing everytime he hits someone with a wrench thanks to the hilariously wonky physics.

One of the things that’s cool about the game is the way heat works. It’s called “Heat Signature” because of the heat the ship produces. As you use your booster, the ship gets hot and enemy ships use thermal detection to find it as you’re trying to sneak in.

We even catch a glimpse of Tom getting shot, being tossed into space and having to use his own ship to capture his character. Pretty cool.

Heat Signature does not have a release date yet, but it is slated for the PC.