If you’re one of the millions upon millions of gamers playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone from the European region of the world, there’s a really good chance that you have two free card packs waiting for you when you boot up the game next.

Hearthstone players were faced with a few days of spotty connections resulting in dropped or lag-ridden matches, and that makes for some frustration during an otherwise chill and enjoyable game. Blizzard has taken notice of the issues, apologized and offered some compensation.

As long as you have a Hearthstone account that was created in the European region before May 2, 2015, you’ll have access to two free Hearthstone Classic card packs. That amounts to 200 in-game gold. Without quests, that’s 20 match wins spread over two days of play.

Great, now here I am hoping for connectivity issues in Hearthstone. Boy, I’m such a nerd.

I played Hearthstone a bit when it was just a PC gaming experience. When it made the move to mobile, I found myself playing a lot more often. The jump has me pouring time into both the PC and mobile versions of the game, and I imagine a lot of other users would say the same thing.

Would you trade connectivity issues for free card packs? I probably wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t mind some downtime while I wasn’t playing in exchange for freebies. What!? Can’t blame me for trying!