Blizzard has announced a new hero for Hearthstone, and he’s available until April 24, 2016. There’s some lame news with this good news, though. Well, one bit of lame news, a few bits of good news.

We’ll start with the lame. This new hero, a Mage named Khadgar, can only be purchased on an iOS device playing Hearthstone. That means you’ll need an iPhone, iPad or iPod to snag him.

Now, for the good news. Once you buy Khadgar, he’ll be yours to use on any platform you like. Log into a friend’s device, buy him there, log out, bring him home. It’ll be obnoxious, but it’s a one time problem.

Khadgar will sell for $4.99. Extra awesome? The World Wildlife Federation will receive 100 percent of the proceeds of each transaction.

That last bit sort of makes up for the iOS thing in my back. It’s annoying, but Khadgar is an extra, purely for looks. You’ll have to jump through hoops if you want him and you don’t use iOS. At least all that hoop jumping will result in a charitable donation.