It’s no wonder Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other major players are trying to establish footholds in the fitness and health market: the industry is heating up and is hotter than ever. According to new analytics from Flurry, usage of health and fitness applications jumped 62 percent in the past six months alone. Flurry says it believes that the increase is associated with health gadgets that require users to check in daily.

“First, a glance at wellness and fitness accessories retailed by Apple in the U.S. is a good indication on how many health, fitness and vital sign tracking devices the iPhone can replace,” Flurry said in its report. “These accessories come with applications that are designed for daily use. Second, there has been a lot of innovation in the apps themselves over the past two years, especially when it comes to integration with Facebook and other prominent social networks.” The integration with social networks also increases usage, and Flurry points to instances where friends can cheer one another on or push them to complete goals.

Most folks using the fitness and health applications are aged between 25 and 54, and teenagers seem to be largely ignoring the market. Is it that teens aren’t as worried about their health? Perhaps. Parents, runners and sports fans were also more likely to use the fitness applications, while gamers and social, photo and video enthusiasts were not.

Are you using health and fitness apps? What kind of lifestyle do you lead?