Racing Lagoon

I knew it was too early to get my hopes up. Last week's "Legendary Revival" countdown from Square Enix has just ticked below a day remaining, and an interesting addition to the graphic shines a light on what kind of game we can expect. No, it's not a new Mana game, and it's not even an RPG.

It's a racing game. Boy oh boy we don't have enough of those these days, huh?

Square Enix has dabbled in the genre in its past with games like Rad Racer and Driving Emotion Type-S. Based on the font, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu predicts that this will be a revival of Racing Lagoon, a Japan-exclusive from the PlayStation days. I've never heard of it, but apparently it was a critical flop with a lot of financial success.

Interestingly enough though, SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu, of whom I am a huge fan, is credited as the producer of this game, and from that alone, I can probably predict an absurd level of complicated and rewarding customization stuck behind barely functioning racing mechanics. From the gameplay video above, it honestly doesn't look that bad, but that just might be because I am a sucker for those excellent PlayStation-era graphics.

If Racing Lagoon is the reveal, my guess is we don't have to worry about it. If the first game didn't come stateside, then this one probably won't either. Big loss though, huh? It's not like you don't have Forza, Need for Speed, The Crew,Driveclub, and Gran Turismo to choose from already?