Capcom's upcoming cyber punk action game Remember Me puts a lot of focus on buying and selling memories; but, when heroine Nilin is not in the process of these deals, she's busy kicking a lot of butt with her own customized combos.

Remember Me's TGS trailer shows off a Combo Lab where Nilin can experiment with her Pressens, attacks that can be linked together to make these customizable combos. Each Pressen holds a certain power like dealing heavier damage, regenerating Nilin's health, decreasing the cool-down time of her special attacks, or linking them all together in a single move. Each has their own purpose, and some will not work on defensive enemies. Nilin can remember four combos at a time, so a lot of thought must be put into making useful combinations for certain situations.

When a rhythm is established, the combo system flows similarly to Batman's combat style in the Arkham games, so button mashers need not apply. It's a bit complicated and can leave most action gamers with their heads scratching.

Nilin also has a penchant for parkour across building roofs to escape from trigger happy helicopter pilots.

Remember Me is shaping up to be a decent little action game. Capcom is impressed already and has stated interest in making it a full fledged IP. It will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during the summer slump next May. It seems like it should fit the bill nicely as a good summer time waster.

[via CVG]