Finding a good pair of earphones can be a nightmare. It seems like no matter how many pairs you try, there's always something missing. If they're comfortable, they sound terrible; if they sound great, they're too uncomfortable; if they sound great and fit well, they're too big–the list is endless. These Treblab RF100 Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones, however, are the answer to your headphone woes, and they're over 70% off at just $39.99.

Don't let their small, discrete design fool you–these earphones are amazingly powerful, and are packed with advanced features like passive noise cancellation and a built-in microphone. But most importantly, they sound fantastic–delivering rock-solid bass response and super-crisp treble and midrange frequencies, all through a secure and comfortable fit.

End the hellish search for the perfect earphones by picking up a pair of these Treblab RF100 Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones for $39.99.

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