Google on Thursday announced that several services are now building in support for Google Cast — the option to stream direct from your mobile device to a Google Chromecast, Android TV or other Google Cast-approved device.

Additions include HBO NOW — HBO's standalone streaming subscription service that provides access to all of its hit shows such as Game of ThronesTrue Detective, The Wire and more. That, in my opinion, is the biggest announcement made by Google on Thursday. Other apps receiving Google Cast support include "Watch Food Network" so you can tune in to your favorite cooking shows, and "Watch Travel Channel" so you can tune in to… scenes of sandy beaches. Finally, Google also announced that Catch Phrase Blitz and FitFlap, two mobile games, also now support Google Cast.

I've been relying on my Chromecast for content more and more, and while I'm not a cordcutter just yet, announcements like these are certainly pushing me to reconsider soon.