Images depicting an alleged HBO Go application on Xbox One appeared on Reddit over the weekend.

The images have since been taken down, but the image above was obtained via Polygon. HBO Go was part of a list of apps announced for the Xbox One earlier this year. The original announcement suggested that the app would be hitting the system sometime in 2014, so the leaked images seem to suggest that might still be the case.

HBO Go currently requires a cable subscription, but the premium content provider recently announced that it'd be making the subscription available to those without cable television as well. Right now, HBO Go apps across various devices are supported differently by provider, and it's unclear yet if this change will remove that restriction.

For example, I can watch HBO Go on my Xbox 360, but not my Roku box with my Comcast subscription. The Xbox 360 app didn't work initially on Comcast, but the company was forced to acquiesce due to high demand.  According to the individual who posted the images, the current list of providers includes companies such as AT&T, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, DISH and Time Warner Cable, but currently does not include Comcast. Comcast responds to queries about this kind of thing by saying it can't support every device out there, but it's very possible it would just prefer you watch the content your your Comcast cable box.