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For the last year or so, Microsoft has been trying to brand their Xbox 360 as a great solution to watching television and movies (while not gaming, of course). Part of that appeal was the planned coming of HBO Go, the premium channel’s exclusive content streaming offering.

While we knew that HBO Go would eventually hit the Xbox 360, we did not know when “eventually” would by. Now, thanks to the folks at Engadget, the application finally has a release date. In speaking with Co-President Eric Kessler during an HBO event, the site learned that the HBO Go application would hit the Xbox 360 on April 1st.

No foolin’. Sorry…we had to.

There are some hitches to the service. In order to actually use the application, you need to have cable television, and part of your subscription plan must include HBO. You won’t be able to buy into HBO without cable, so forget using this as another reason to finally cut the TV subscription cord.

Will you be putting this on your Xbox 360 when it drops?

[via Engadget]