Fire TV in the Woods - 05

HBO GO is officially available for the Amazon Fire TV with full voice search support. Go on—catch up on seasons of True Blood, Game of Thrones and more. The coveted premium cable channel's full catalog will be available so long as you subscribe to HBO. Incidentally, HBO is already looking into offering a standalone subscription offer, though it could look different from HBO GO as it exists right now. Amazon said HBO GO will be available for Fire TV Stick this spring.

According to Peter Larsen, Vice President Amazon Devices, the number of services available for Fire TV has increased by 4x since the set top box launched. Netflix, Hulu and Instant Video are big ones, but HBO GO is the ultimate, the defining trophy of cord cutting everywhere.

With voice integration, Fire TV users will be able to easily search through HBO's award-winning library of 1,700 shows and movies without having to manually type in search queries. "Find Bored to Death." Bam, up comes Bored to Death.

The Fire TV now has more than 700 apps and games, which should be plenty for those looking to get the most out of the $99 streamer (Fire TV is actually discounted to $79 through Dec. 28).

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