game-of-thrones-dinklageCutting the umbilical cord away from guzzling cable companies is a utopian dream for many, but it’s just so dang hard to resist certain content. Case in point: Shows offered by HBO. And unfortunately, the company has thus far shot down the idea of giving consumers its premium service a la carte. Until now… in Europe only.

According to HBO, customers in the Nordic region will have the option to stream the service even if they aren’t a cable subscriber. Apparently, HBO’s reasoning behind offering it in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark is because of “various factors specific to [those] countries.” “We approach each market on a case by case basis,” HBO said.

HBO has repeatedly said it won’t offer something like HBO GO to those of us in the U.S. — the company even referred to cordcutting as just a myth. As in, nobody wants to choose to pay for specific channels only. At least HBO is willing to play ball somewhere in the world. Hopefully the company will realize people actually do want some content separate from what’s currently being shoved down our throats.

[via Gizmodo]