Our favorite banished MCU hero has made his triumphant return—on social media. That’s right, Hawkeye has finally shown up, alive and well, and it looks as if Avengers 4 is going to really kick his ass.

Actor Jeremy Renner, who portrays Hawkeye (a.k.a. Clint Barton) in the MCU, posted a new set phone on Instagram outright confirming the character will return in Avengers 4. The inclusion of Hawkeye in the next movie was teased by the Russo brothers given his notable exclusion in Avengers: Infinity War, but even knowing that we had yet to see the actor strap on the bow and arrow until now.


If you remember, Hawkeye was missing from Infinity War after taking a plea deal in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War to spare his family the pain of seeing him in jail for years. Given that half the population endured a dusty death at the end of the movie, it was hard not to surmise that it included Hawkeye’s family. This, of course, would end any need for him to stay in exile leading him to join his Avenger buddies as they seek a plan to undo Thanos’ genocide.

This plan is going to be easier said than done as Renner’s photo infers. Renner is bruised and battered in the image suggesting taking down Thanos is going to be an epic feat for the Avengers. He’s also wearing a slick new hairdo, for what that’s worth.

We still don’t have any details about the plot for Avengers 4 other than the countless theories and set photos that heavily imply time travel will play a big role in the movie. Regardless, it seems Hawkeye will see a healthy dose of screen time and we wouldn’t have it any other way.