Remember Hawken? This was a mech game that quietly showed up out of nowhere. It exploded in popularity after a few gameplay clips, and hype for the affair went off the charts.

Then? It was announced as free-to-play. Hey, that’s fine, free-to-play can work. The community got a hold of the game, played it for a few months and then… well… silence.

The free-to-play stuff used by developer Adhesive Games was, apparently, closer to pay-to-win than the community really wanted. The game’s popularity slowly waned and the developers grew more and more silent.

The release in 2012 was followed up by several years of quiet decay. Now? The rights to Hawken have been acquired by Reloaded Games, a subsidiary of the K2 Network.

That name might sound familiar if you’re up to snuff on your PC free-to-play development houses. Reloaded Games bought the also failed APB from Realtime Worlds. They took that tanking experience and turned it into something slightly profitable.

Now, by almost all accounts, Hawken‘s core gameplay experience is much better than that of All Points Bulletin. If Reloaded Games could make APB: Reloaded slightly successful with a new free-to-play model, I’d imagine they have huge plans for Hawken. Those plans are already underway as an announcement from the game’s official Facebook page indicates what Reloaded is currently working on.

I haven’t been able to say *anything* until just this afternoon, but here’s a checklist of things we’ll be working on:

  • Fix password reset
  • Get Forums working again
  • Fix more deployment stuff
  • Fix a bunch of tools systems 
  • Play Hawken
  • Fix more back end systems
  • Play more Hawken and get rolled by the good players
  • Fix Fix Fix (yeah, lots of this)
  • Plan new updates and future changes

Hopefully a bright future lies ahead for Hawken and its fans. The game could have been really, really cool were it not for the pay-to-win structure.