In just nine months, with a small indie development team, Adhesive Games have brought their upcoming mech effort to where it is today. Hawken is the name of the game in the video above, and the footage captured is entirely un-doctored and in-game. Viewers will see what looks like a multiplayer match in a single location that features the placement of turrets, movement of mechs and a variety of large robot combat.

Mech games are, typically, scatter-shot in their reception. The last mega-popular franchise in the western world was probably the MechWarrior series and its offspring, MechAssault. Since then, the most recent effort we've seen that's enjoyed even remote success was the 2006 Xbox 360 title, Chromehounds. Genre fans, however, have been clamoring for more offerings.

Adhesive Games is attempting to step up and fill the void. The studio does not have a publisher, yet. They have not set release platforms yet, either; but, the FAQ on the studio's site indicates that they would like to see the game launch for the 360, PS3 and PC.

While so much of this project's future is uncertain, the nature of its popularity is promising. The title picked up traction with a presence at the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC). Since then, the Hawken has been largely silent. They released the video above to YouTube yesterday, and today we found it at the top of the gaming heap on the massive community site, Reddit. The video's views have skyrocketed, of course, and that instant popularity will almost definitely draw the attentions of potential publishers.

Will this game ever see release? That's hard to say. But the impact of Reddit, the project's presence at GDC and the sudden new-found popularity will likely do wonders towards getting this game noticed on a large scale.

If Hawken and Adhesive Games pick up a publisher, we'll report it.

[via Reddit]