Last week, the first lengthy gameplay trailer for the independently developed mech game Hawken released on YouTube and spread around the net. Hawken is being built by Adhesive Games, a small independent developer studio, and is a title without a publisher or specified platform.

Adhesive Games Technical Lead Jon Kreuzer spoke with IGN Australia about the presentation and selected camera for Hawken. The game, as seen in the trailer above, takes a first-person cockpit perspective, something Kreuzer explains is essential to the experience.

Pilot view makes for a more intense experience…Players feel more connected to the battle when they're trapped inside a hunk of steel and sparks fly and monitors flicker and shutdown.

By placing players directly in the cockpit, the game's directors are forcing a perspective and feeling into position. Through this view, developers can ensure that players are never broken away from their confined quarters and will likely feel more immersed and connected to the game.

Hawken's Art Director, Khang Le, elaborated:

There is a sort of immersion and claustrophobia you can only get from being in a cockpit…We want the player to see their cockpit with all the complicated screens, switches and dials. To see them scramble when hit by an EMP, to see them spark and smoke when damaged. To make you really feel like you're driving a 7 meter walking tank on the verge of breaking down.

While Hawken currently sits without a publisher, Adhesive games are looking to put the game out on the PC, PS3 and 360. There have been some rumblings that the game will be a downloadable title on the console platforms.

We'll have more as it develops.

[via IGN Australia]