Amiibo Tap

Nintendo's most recent attempt to up the appeal of amiibo figurines is amiibo tap, a kind of demo service for Virtual Console, basically. In short, every amiibo you buy can be used with amiibo tap once, and that amiibo will unlock a random game that you can play in three minutes bursts. The game unlocks different scenes to play, most of them from eight or nine different parts of the game.

Not so bad considering you probably didn't buy the figure for the sole purpose of amiibo tap, and if you did, well I'm sorry. The full game on Virtual Console was probably cheaper that the amiibo in the first place. Check out the list of games you can get for free.

  • Super Mario Bros. 
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA version) 
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 
  • Kirby's Adventure 
  • The Legend of Zelda 
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 
  • Metroid 
  • Yoshi 
  • Dr. Mario 
  • Punchout!! 
  • Mach Rider 
  • Excitebike 
  • Ice Climbers 
  • Kid Icarus 
  • Donkey Kong 
  • Donkey Kong Jr. 
  • Balloon Fight 
  • Wrecking Crew 
  • Pinball 
  • Clu Clu Land 
  • Wario's Woods
Super Nintendo
  • Super Mario World 
  • Super Mario Kart 
  • F-Zero 
  • Kirby's Dreamland 3 
  • Kirby's Super Star 
  • Kirby's Dream Course 
  • Super Metroid 
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A lot of winners and a lot of stinkers as well.

So, I turned on my Wii U for the first time in a while today only to find the amiibo tap app loaded onto my front page. I knew this was a service already available in Japan, but I had no idea that Wii U in America had it set and ready to use. I fired it up, registered my Mega Man amiibo because I hadn't done that yet, and tapped to receive my first game.

Badoom! I got a winner! Super Mario World! Hey, one of my all time favorite video games, and now I can play it in three minute bursts! Wahoo!

Normally, this would be a cause for celebration, but the problem is I already have Super Mario World downloaded for my Wii U through the Virtual Console itself. In fact, I blasted through all 96 exits earlier this year! It seems that while the amiibo tap will never give you a duplicate demo, it also won't check to see what you have already purchased through the eShop, meaning tough luck for you if you randomly land a game you already own, buddy.

Don't feel bad for me though. I'm not sore. I didn't even realize this was going to happen when I turned on my Wii U. I wasn't expecting much, and I got a much better deal than if I had gotten Yoshi or Wario's Woods. No harm, no foul, but amiibo tap is something I definitely do not want to pursue and collect all of. If you have a few amiibo, it's worth checking out though.

I just wish I could have landed Link to the Past!